Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Wasting" ExtraCare Bucks...

Total Before Savings:  $19.56
Total Coupons Used:  $2.00
Total ECBs Used:  $10.00
Cash OOP:  $2.56

1 CVS Sleep Diaper things - Clearance for $4.99
1 CVS Toddler Wipe Container - $2.49
2 CVS Toddler Wipe Refills - $3.49 ea.

I had $10 ECBs that expired in 2 days.  There was just nothing at CVS I really needed or wanted.  I tried to score some cheap Halloween stuff for next year but there was just garbage left.  So I stocked up on Toddler Wipes.  Oh how exciting.  When I went in and scanned my card, I got a $2 off $10 CVS purchase.  At least it's something.  I'm so blah with CVS lately. 

The other day, I took my 3 year-old to CVS to get his flu shot.  My pediatrician only gave it to my 2 year-old.  It's a long, stupid story as to why he wouldn't give my 3 year-old one, so I just CVSed Minute Cliniced it up.  Of course we had to get treats there after....

1 bag of Doritos - $2.00 (for me!)
1 20 oz. soda - $1.59
1 Tootsie Pop Bunch - .50
1 Halloween lollipop strip - .99

Cash OOP:  $5.13

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