Friday, October 30, 2009

Old Navy Craziness!

The best bargaintastic thing happened to me today. I dropped kid #1 off at preschool then headed over to the smallest, most out of date Old Navy in the country. I was determined to score some halloween costumes for $2. So I show up and there are about 10 people waiting in line. So I join them with son #2. How I missed this one, I don't know - but the first 50 people in line today at Old Navy scored 50% off an entire bag full of merchandise! I was psyched. I am now almost 100% done with my Christmas shopping (with the exception of some GeoTrax I have to pick up for the boys) and I scored a ton of clothes for only $62. I am in awe!

If you missed it, you can still hit up Old Navy - they are giving everyone 30% off their entire purchase! I think it's good today and tomorrow. I'm sure all the other bargain blogs promoted this but I am usually a few days behind the curve.

Thanks Old Navy! You made my Christmas a little more frugal!


Tanya said...

I went there today too hoping to get some of the $2 costumes. I bought six costumes and used a 15% off coupon for them so my total was $10.81. Then since I was one of the first 50 I got the bag and I packed that sucker full!! I got a ton of great stuff including a snowsuit for Noah and snowpants for Logan. I spent $92 and got some x-mas shopping out of the way too!

The 30% off goes until Nov. 8th so you have time to get some more great deals :) Happy shopping!!

Lindsay said...

Awesome! You go girl! I love OLD NAVY! I actually have a credit card with them (bad I know), but the perks are awesome! :)