Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quick BJ's Run

Had to run to BJ's for juice bags and some other stuff.  I got carried away.

BJ's Apple Juice - $3.89
8 lbs Mac Apples - $6.99
1 package of Sandwich rolls - $3.29
2 Half & Half quarts - $1.99 ea
3 lbs Grapes - $6.79
3 lbs Cheddar Cheese - $6.39
1 CapriSun Flavored Waters - $7.49

Total OOP:  $38.82

-  Why oh why did I go to BJ's on a Saturday?  That situation sucks.  I'll have to get more responsible and go to BJ's on the weekdays.  The lines weren't too bad, but there are just so many people and their ginormous shopping carts.  Oh then I caused a nice scene because I couldn't find my BJ's card and spilled the contents of my wallet on the ground.  The service desk looked up my info, and brought it to the cashier - and at that time, I found my BJ's card.  I really have a hard time getting with it sometimes.

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