Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Santa Shop Creations: Homemade Cat Nip Treats

I'm chugging away with Holiday Shop Creations.  The point is to create a lot of gifts for kids to buy for their loved ones for very little cost out of pocket.  

So I whipped up 66 homemade cat nip treat toys for the loved fur balls.  Cats need love too.  

I had leftover material from an old project - so no cost for the project.  I ripped open an old throw pillow I didn't want anymore for the fiberfill.  No cost there.  I went to the Dollar Tree and bought 3 things of cat nip - so $3 out of pocket.  

These are simple.  I cut 3.5" squares in in the fabric.  Put the right side facing each other and sew around the edges, leaving a hole.  Turn the fabric inside out, fill with some fiberfill and put a teaspoon of cat nip in side.  

You could hand sew the hole shut, but that takes a lot of time so I just machine sewed them shut.  It does the job.  

I had leftover catnip but managed to get 66 of these done.  I could have probably gotten 80 treats in total using 1 teaspoon of catnip with the three packs I got.  

So not bad for $3 out of pocket.  

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