Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Santa Shop Creations: Homemade Hair Clips

I pumped out some cute, yet relatively cheap hair clips to sell at an upcoming kids' Holiday Shop.  If you can cut ribbon and use a hot glue gun, you can do this:

First, I went to Sally Beauty Supply and picked up a box of these.  100 count Single Prong Clips.  They were $6.39.  

Then I went to Michaels and got 7 spools of bargain ribbon that was 3/8" wide.  They were $1 each.  So $7.

You can get all the detailed directions HERE at  

I kept them simple and when I was done, I just got some blue card stock that was laying around and cut some cards to put the hair clips on to "sell".  

I got 50 pairs and spend $14 out of pocket.  Not bad - and they were fun to make. 


Ann said...

Nice! :)

Hayley said...


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