Monday, December 2, 2013

Santa Shop Creations: Baby Booties

So the only thing I do as far as parental involvement in the kids' school is taking over the Holiday Shop so the kids can "shop" for their family members and whatnot.  I'm so into it because I love it.  Christmas is wonderful!

So I've been spending the past few months creating cheapo, yet fun stuff for the kids to buy.

One thing I've been making are baby booties:

I have a round loom set that I've been playing around with it and I found this awesome training video off YouTube to teach me how to do these.  

I've just been using all random yarn from around my house so it's really no cost out of pocket for me. I can whip one out in about 10 minutes now and it's just relaxing to sit there and do these.  


sherry said...

Hi, i was wondering if you could send me the pattern for these loom knit slippers. I love loom knitting and i do charity crochet and knitting and these would be great for children and adults. Thank you sherry

Liz Ann Gardner. ( said...

I too loom knitting for charity I would love to have this pattern