Friday, March 15, 2013

Do-It-Yourself Party Game: Ring Toss

I am kind of psychotic when it comes to my kids' birthday parties.  I just like planning unnecessary crap. It drives my husband crazy and I think that's why I like to do it so much.  One thing I have planned for this upcoming party is a Ring Toss Game.  The cost for me out of pocket was ZERO.  It would be pretty cheap otherwise.

We're doing a "Skylander" theme party - so we're calling this game, "Dino Rang Toss".  Dino Rang is a character on the game or something.  You can improvise based on whatever theme you choose (if you are fruity like me and do "theme" parties).  

First.  I don't drink.  So how was I going to get 48 beer bottles?  I asked friends!  Had 48 of them in a snap.  I did give one friend $2 because her husband usually turns them in for deposit.  She told me not too but whatever.  I'm too good like that sometimes.  I soaked them in soapy water and the labels all peeled off greatly and the beer smell left.  

I had a big box from Amazon that I was saving.  It was the perfect size for 48 bottles.  I reinforced it with some more packing tape.  I found a paint sample that I got for free from Valspar that was sitting, collecting dust in the basement.  So I used that to paint the box.  

We recently replaced our shower curtain rod which came with new rings.  So I saved the old, crappy, plastic rings - they work great for ring toss!  If you don't have old shower curtain rings laying around, you can pick them up cheap at the Dollar Tree or Wal-Mart (even though I hate Wal-Mart).  

I printed out the words, "Dino Rang Toss" and glued them on the box just for a little pizazz.  There you have it - a practically free and environmentally friendly party game.

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