Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cheap Party Favors - Recycling, Minimal & Pretty

Birthday season is coming around again - which means I'm a crazy lunatic planning and plotting the perfect birthday party for a bunch of 7 year-olds.  I can be a little anal when it comes to birthday parties but it's fun, so I don't care.  Here, I'll show you how create cheap party favors that incorporate some of my latest passions.

Birthday Party Crackers!

Items Needed & Cost:

Empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls  (Free!  Save them as you go through them!)
1 package of tissue paper ($1 at the Dollar Tree)
Ribbon (I have a storage bin of curling and fabric ribbon.  If you don't, you can buy some at the Dollar Tree for $1)
Scotch Tape (I had this - Dollar Tree sells it for a $1)
3 bags of candy ($3 at the Dollar Tree)

Total Cost for me:  $4.  I made 24 of them, so it cost a whopping 17 cents each. 

Quick How To:

Gather your supplies.  If you have paper towel rolls, you'd probably want to cut them in half to make them about the same size as the toilet paper rolls.  

Take your package of tissue paper and cut it in half.  

Put your candy or whatever you want in the toilet paper roll.  Then, take 2 sheets of tissue paper.  Tape it to the roll and roll up the roll with the tissue paper.  Tape the tissue paper to keep it secure.  Double knot the ends with some curling ribbon.  

Use your scissors to curl the ribbon ends, and voila - you have a cheap, homemake party favor.  

Why I like these?

Cheap - These are cheap to make.  You could put whatever you want in them - but I chose non-chocolate candy.  So of course I picked up my loot at the Dollar Tree.  When you go to the Dollar Tree, you have to remember that not all candy is created equal.  Some of the candy they sell is so cheap because the bags are so small.  So when filling things like these or pinatas, I go for what gives me the biggest bang for my buck.  Here is my cost analysis of best Dollar Tree candy:

 Bubble Gum Balls - 72 individually wrapped pieces per bag (1.3 cents each)
Smarties - 26 rolls per bag (3.8 cents each)
Dum Dum Pops - 26 lollipops per bag (3.8 cents each)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!  - Instead of just tossing my toilet paper and paper towel rolls for 2 weeks, I just saved them.  Why buy plastic treat bags that are just going to end up in the garbage anyways?  Just one little thing to help the environment and all that other happy crap.  

Minimalist - Another thing I like about these things and the way I personally made them is that it teaches kids "portions" and all that other nonsense.  I did not want to put plastic crap that just gets thrown away in them.  They are pretty small so there isn't much candy in them.  Do kids really need a buttload of candy though?  Nah.  

Oh - and for the record, I'm pretty much a hypocrite because I have a piƱata that is stuffed with way too much candy.  So these are just being used as a parting gift of sorts.  I'm taking baby steps with this minimalist crap.  

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Wilsummers said...

It's really nice that these party favor is observing the 3 R's which is the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Even though they're recycled but, they look perfectly beautiful. -