Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Minimalist Refrigerator

My husband and I used to hoard magnets.  It was like we were young 20-somethings on a mission to fill our fridge with as many different various places that we've been too.  From Singapore to NYC to Hawaii to Japan and even Boston, we had a magnet hoarding problem.  This lead to paper and other misc. junk hoarding on the refrigerator.  See:

Then we had kids.  And we stopped spending $3-$6 on magnets.  And I have recently decided to give said magnets a break and put them in a storage bin.  If the magnets are not on the refrigerator, I can not be tempted to hang random crap on it.  Now, my refrigerator is a minimalist.  Another small step in my new Wannabe Minimalist lifestyle.

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