Monday, February 4, 2013

Tax Time Again: How to Save with H&R Block

I do my own taxes.  Well my husband's taxes (I'm a trophy wife so I don't work).  I swear by H&R Block.  Not the stores.  The online software.  Don't go to the "tax professionals" at the stores.  You'll have a better experience if you let a monkey do your taxes.  You can save $6 off the $29.99 price ($23.96) AND get 10% cash back through EBATES for the H&R Block software.  So with the 20% off Federal and my $34.95 I dropped on filing for MA, my total came to $58 before tax ($62 after tax for both Fed & MA) and I'll get 10% back of $58 - so another $5.80 in my PayPal account from EBATES.  And you can write your tax preparation fees off your next year's taxes.  

If you haven't joined EBATES yet, you should.  I don't shop online much - but I've gotten $82 back since 2010.  I seriously do not shop online at all.  Most of that $82 is from travel bookings.  But whatever - $82 is $82.  Better than $0.  

As long as you have nothing too crazy or major - taxes are really easy to do yourself.  I should know.  I've done mine and the husband's for about 14 years now.  I've gotten audited once and I brought my supporting documents to the IRS and they said "thanks" and all was fine.  

If you really have nothing to report but income - 1040EZ software is free all over the place.  But if you have more "umph" to your palate like owning a home, having investment income, needing to write off educational expenses, etc. - you'll have to to go with some basic 1040 software (unless you are brave enough to pump it out old school).  I know there are cheaper alternatives out there - but I like H&R Block.  And if you do too - well I'm just passing along the info about EBATES to save you some cash.  Holla!

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