Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Minimalistic Becky's Deep Thoughts: Mansions & Our Weird Desire for More Space

So I'm totally on this whole "less is more" kick.  Minimalistic Becky is in full swing over here this new year.  Over the weekend, I took a leisurely 11-mile jog through a posh neighborhood (that isn't mine) and was looking at all the huge houses.  In the past, I would always dream about what I would do if I lived in one - how I'd furnish it (probably just as crappy as I furnish my current home) and how nice it must be.

Now, I'm bitter or old or more down-to-Earth because all I was thinking on my run is, "Why the heck does anyone need all that space?"  The thoughts that now run through my mind as I'm looking at these huge dwellings (like 6,000+ sq. ft. houses):

-  Dang!  I can't even imagine the property tax on that sucker.

-  I can't even clean the 2 bathrooms I have, how in the world would I clean 5 of them?

-  Dang!  The heating bill on that place must be a doozy.

-  My kids would hide and I would seriously not find them for hours.  I would think I checked all 8 bedrooms, but silly me - I only checked 7 of them.

-  Dang!  It must cost a lot to keep that yard looking good to impress all the neighbors that they hate.

-  I have 3 rooms on the first floor of my house now.  I lose 87% of all "important" things in those three rooms.  If I had 10 rooms on my first floor - oh yeah.  That would be great.  I could hear myself cursing, "Why in the WORLD is the pepper grinder in the study...AGAIN!"

-  Dang!  Replacing that roof would cost more than my current house is appraised at.

Yeah, yeah - I know all the doctors & CEOs who own these huge houses need it for looks or something.  And they have more money than God so they don't care about how much their property tax or heating bill is.  But the sad truth is, no matter how much crap we end up accumulating in life or how big our house is, we all end up in a 6' box underground - unless you're cheap like me and know that it's much cheaper for your heirs if you're cremated so I'll just be a little pile of ashes in a plastic baggie.

That concludes my deep thoughts for the day.  Now go.  Minimalistic yourselves.

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audrob1r said...

My thoughts exactly!