Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday: Resist the Urge to be a Fat & Poor Slob (Well, poor....I'm getting my fat on)

I'll be the first to admit - I love, LOVE, using any excuse to eat crappy and be happy.  For instance, today.  It's Super Bowl Sunday.  "Let's eat junk food!" is my first thought.  I don't even watch or like football on a regular basis.  I make my kids watch these "big" games only because they are boys and I think you're suppose to do stuff like that for boys.

2 weeks ago we ended up ordering pizza for the playoff game - which was like $25.  But I'm more "minimalistic" and pure now so nope.  Not happening today.  I mean, we're still going to eat junk food - just not take out.  I did score some DiGiorno pizza sticks or something for $3 at Stop & Shop this past week which I will heat up.  My husband went to the store for tortilla chips and cheese - which will probably be about $6.  So yeah, we're still "splurging" and getting our fat on - but instead of ordering out and dropping $25, we dropped only $9 by pre-planning.

Not exactly a "Wow!  You're so great!" concept - but hey, $16 is $16 and when you have to be pinching pennies, every little bit helps.  Did you do anything to cut costs for your fat-infested football fest tonight?

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Marilyn's Money said...

We got our junk on too! Had the Dijornos pizza, Yea won the Superbowl toss so will get free Papa John's son, and was able to score the free Pepsi Next & 20oz Coke coupon too, horray for staying home!