Saturday, February 23, 2013

My New Mission: Military Discounts in Massachusetts & New England

I was once a Marine.  The husband was once a Marine.  After our little active duty stints, we tried out this civilian thing.  I like it.  The husband craved more G.I. Joe action or something so he joined the Army National Guard.  This forces me to make fun of him.

I'm probably the absolute worse military spouse in the world.  Besides my jokes and snide remarks, I'm a huge Army Wife slacker.  For instance, the husband has been telling me to go get my dependent ID card since 2005.  Guess who STILL doesn't have this?  Oh yeah.  Me.

I think I'm obligated to be an Army Wife until 2018.  I have no idea honestly.  I should probably know this.  It will probably be longer since the husband is sucked in, probably won't lose that G.I. Joe wannabe urge and will be tempted with retirement benefits and all that crap by then.  Who knows.  Only time will tell.

Well it's a New Year so I thought I'd try to reshift my thinking.  It's not easy - because the jokes are just so easy.  But I've decided to shift it to being cheap - because dang!  The military discounts around are pretty darn awesome.  Even though I do poke fun at our own personal military experiences and whatnot, I do have a deep appreciation for those who have served and currently serving.  I think my humor stems from the fact that even though we both spent years in the service, we never really deployed or saw "war" or whatnot.  So it's hard to take in all the "thank you's" when someone finds out you're a Veteran - because we know people who have had 2 or 3 tours in Iraq or Afghanistan and we know people who have gotten injured and killed.  And back then, I was young and stupid and didn't take it seriously so it's just weird.  Okay.  This is getting way too deep and psychological.

So since I'm stuck being an Army Wife, it's my mission to take advantage of military discounts - I got to make the most of this Army stuff.  I'll try to post discounts I find for military for any New England military people - and also - for the general public to see the places who are gracious enough to offer military discounts.

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