Friday, February 22, 2013

Betty Crocker Mac & Cheese: My Review

I found this gem at the grocery store last week and thought I'd write a review on it.  Why?  Because even though we don't all admit - we all LOVE Kraft Mac & Cheese.  Betty Crocker has some balls trying to top the master.  At least I think so.

This box was a whopping $1 at Stop & Shop.  Bonus:  it has a Box Top which equals 10 cents for the school of my choice!

The major difference in this Mac & Cheese is that it requires more measuring & more monitoring.  You cook the noodles in with the cheese powder packet and a cup of water and a cup of milk.  So you have to make sure you are stirring it or it will burn.  

12 minutes later:

Mac & Cheese is ready to be served with processed pieces of crappy chicken.  But I tried some of this orange deliciousness that my kids love.  It's really good!  Bravo Betty Crocker.  

So if you don't mind a little more work in preparing this, it's actually pretty good.  I was not paid or contacted by Betty Crocker to write this.  I'm just babbling on the internet for no real reason.  Grab a box the next time you are at the store!  


Anonymous said...

This would work with a box of Kraft or any store brand, right?

Megan Weisenberger said...

Hi Becky!

My name is Megan and I work on the Betty Crocker team at General Mills. We're so happy you love our product!

If you'd be willing to give me your address, I'd be happy to send you some more boxes of it. :)