Saturday, February 23, 2013

Don't Be Ashamed To Ask For Help: My Shark Mop was SAVED!

I wrote a little post a while back about throwing away crap you don't use.  I mentioned that my Shark Mop was broken but it's just been sitting in the basement for a year.  So my mother read my ramblings (I think she is the only person who reads this blog) and commented.  I felt so loved.

She told me that if I take off the mop head and jam a paper clip or pin down there to clean out the tiny hose, it might work.  I didn't put much faith in this because honestly, the mop stopped working shortly after it was dropped once.  So I chalked up the breakage to that and not anything else.  Since I had nothing going on, I decided to give it a try.  I rammed a paper clip up there and swiveled it around some.  Then I put some vinegar in the receptacle with water (thinking of how I descale my Keurig).  I let it heat up.  Tried it.  And WOWZERS!  It worked!

So sometimes Mama knows best.  Sometimes, it's best to tell people around your problems.  It seems so silly and simple in hindsight - but I didn't think of cleaning out the tube.  Now I am happy that I don't have to throw that thing out.  And it's all because I communicated my problem.  If I did have to throw it out, I wouldn't have invested in another Shark mop - so this really saves me from having to mop like I'm Amish.

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