Friday, February 15, 2013

Good Bye Valentine's Day, Hello St. Patrick's Day

Valentine's Day is over and in comes St. Patrick's Day.  The best thing about St. Patrick's Day is it's a pretty darn festive holiday - but without as much commercialism to it.  Unless you count all the insane amounts of alcohol people purchase and consume.

But overall - we haven't pimped out St. Patrick's Day with cards and gifts to the point of other holidays.  You pretty much just throw on a green shirt, maybe say "Happy St. Patrick's Day" a few times and call it a day.  At least that's what we do.  I think I might buy a $1 bag of those chocolate coins for the kids.  I might pick up a box of Lucky Charms that week at the grocery store.  But that's pretty much the extent of my consumerism for this holiday.

But you know what - St. Patrick's Day is such a fun holiday even with it's lack of consumerism.  There's a plethora of parades and festivals - at least here in the Boston area.  It's full of fun times - which is wonderful because life should be about fun times and experiences and not the pressure of giving gifts and gaining more possessions.

So party on, rock stars.  I know I will - because it's the one holiday where it's cool to be a redhead.  A real one to boot.

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