Saturday, February 16, 2013

Minimalist Living: Why So Serious?

I've always been a tightwad.  Some people think that's an insulting term but I don't.  I don't like paying full price for anything.  I'll admit - I get a level of "high" when I score a great bargain.  Probably more than the average person and that's why I probably write about bargains and deals and whatnot.

But in the past few months, I've really been trying to focus on only buying the NEEDS vs. the "like to haves" - even if they are a great bargain.  I've been trying to get more "simple" in life.  For instance, my Shark mop broke a while ago.  I still have the piece of crap sitting in my basement as if some magic fairy is going to come and fix it someday.  I haven't bought a new one - because there is this thought in my mind that say - "Do you really need a $70 electric mop?  Just fill a friggin bucket like everyone has always done in the past and mop the friggin floors!"

But I've been reaching/looking into others who are into living simply.  It's been great inspiration and motivation - but everything seems so serious.  Am I immature?  Am I not deep enough?  It almost seems as if "minimalist living" has a stigma of snob to it.  Like a reverse snob.  "I'm so good, I don't need things" kind of mentality?  I am not trying to be rude - I love reading other minimalist websites and blogs - but I can see the turn off to some.

I think because of this, I'm trying to become a White Trash Minimalist.  Is that a proper goal in life?  I don't want to rid myself of possessions because I'm trying to find the true meaning of life or find my inner child.  I'm just sick of looking and dealing with crap.  I am also kind of poor so not buying anything makes pretty good darn sense.  A lot of minimalist people said they were putting their material possessions over life events.  I don't think I have that problem.  I just do stuff and come home and look at all my piles of crap and be all like, "Oh crap.  This sucks."  If I want to watch TV and my house is a pit, I just do it.  Then I look at my crap and say, "Oh crap.  It's still all there.  I guess I'll deal with it tomorrow."

I'm not trying to get rid of stuff and not buy stuff so I can go take hikes in the woods and reflect on how wonderful I am.  I think I'm just doing it to feed my inner laziness.  The less crap I have, the less I have to clean.  So this whole minimalist thing is rather kind of selfish of me.  This is fine.

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