Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day: It Seems I Suck, But I Don't Because I'm Honest

This is the 14th Valentine's Day that I have known my husband.  Back in 2000, we were just 18 & 20 year-old kids.  In fact, Valentines 2000, my friend and I went out to dinner with 8 dudes (one being this guy that I ended up snatching to be my husband).  That sounds pretty slutty, but when you're in the Marines, your pickings of girlfriends are pretty slim - so you have to befriend some of those with penises.  Out of about 650 people stationed in our little compound, there were probably 8 or 10 girls.  If you are a female who is desperate for love and attention - may I suggest joining the Marines?  You will have no problem picking someone up. Anytime, any day - there will be dudes woo-ing you.

So we always exchange cards and crap.  Every year, the husband gives me the sappy, cheesy, "You're everything I've always needed and wanted.  I love you so much and always will" card.  He's all happy and proud of himself.  He likes giving me sappy cards with beautiful sayings - as long as he doesn't have to actually say all that crap.   Mine are always like this year's gem:

"Of Course, I Love You!"
"Who else would put up with my crap?"  

I personally love the word "crap" so I thought it sounded more like my true feelings.  It means more because that's something I would actually write.  I put my heart and soul in finding the perfect card this year!  I would never write any of that crap about him being my rock and the love-of-my-life and that I'm so happy I met him.  He already knows that - that's why I'm still around after 14 years.   

So the typical person might think I'm a heartless, crappy wife.  But isn't it more heartless and crappy if I were to pick some card that does not jive with what I would actually say or write if I were an actual poet and serenading my husband?  I think so.   

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