Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Santa Shop Creations: Scented Pinecone Ornaments

My original plan for this craft was to be virtually free.  Unfortunately, pinecones are hard to come by in my area.  Luckily, scented pinecones are on sale at Michaels this week for 50% off.  I will try to recon some pinecones from my family in the future for next year's possible Santa Shop.

Items Needed:

1 bag of pinecones - $4.99, on sale for $2.50
1 spool of red ribbon - .50 cents
hot glue gun - already had
hot glue sticks - already had

Total Cost:  $3.00

These materials produced 18 items - for a total product cost of .17 cents each.  

The bag contained 20 pinecones, but two of them were kind of gross and unacceptable for use.  The instructions are very easy - cut 6" pieces of ribbon and hot glue them to the pinecone.  I was done with 18 of them in about 10 minutes - and 3 of those minutes were waiting for the glue gun to heat up.  

There you have it.  18 simple ornaments to be sold at the son's Santa Shop this December.  Nothing fancy.  In case you haven't read my other Santa Shop Creation posts, my son's preschool lets the kids "shop" for their families the week before Christmas.  They rely on donations for the kids to buy.  So it's sort of a mini fundraiser.  They like to keep items priced between .25 cents and $1.00.  The point is more for the kids to pick out fun and nice stuff for their family members without making parents shell out a ton of money.  

I should have another craft tomorrow.  And the next day.  And the next day.  I'm really obsessed with this adventure.  

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