Friday, November 16, 2012

I Have No Food - So I'm Going to Brockton...

To Market Basket!

My food stash looks worse than Ethiopia.  We have Egg Nog, beans and oatmeal.  That's about it.  Oh and mustard.  About 4 containers of mustard.  I need everything.  I haven't really shopped in weeks.  I go into Tedeschi's for eggs, milk & bread.  I've gotten slightly pathetic.

So everyone raves about PriceRite and Market Basket.  I haven't been to either.  Living in Weymouth - these places are not close.  Since I probably spend about $200 on groceries, I'm going to try to get a bunch of bang for my buck.

Wish me luck!  


Kate said...

Good luck! I was impressed when I went to the PriceRite in Hyde Park! Make sure you bring reusable bags for PriceRite; you have to bag yourself, but the prices are great if you need to stock up quickly :)

Anonymous said...

Be of good cheer, Becky.
Rumour has it Market Basket is opening in Weymouth, a better match than the Whole Food in the old Johnnie's Foodmaster.