Saturday, November 17, 2012

Santa Shop Creations: Doggie Gift Bags

Cheap.  Simple.  Fun.  Remember, the point of "Santa Shop Creations" is to come up with a bunch of cheap & simple ideas that one can make for their child's holiday shop at school.  At our school, the kids buy gifts for their family members and they keep the price range from .25 cents to $1.00.

So today's blog post is remember Fido.

Items needed:

Baggies - bought a pack (not ziploc type) at the Dollar Tree.  Used 13 - so .13 cents.
Doggie Biscuits - I could have bought Milk Bones for $2.99 but this box of Market Basket biscuits was $1.50.  So I went cheap.  
Curling Ribbon - I had this.
Scissors - I had this.

I put 10 biscuits in each baggie.  It made 13 treat bags.  Then I tied them up with curling ribbon and curled the ribbon.  I used blue because that's what I had a huge stash of in my house.  

Total Cost to make 13 treats:  $1.63 or 12 1/2 cents each.  One could get away with just putting 7 treats in the baggies - it looks good that way.  I just didn't want to make too many because I'm not really sure how many kids in the son's school have dogs and I'm not sure if anyone else is bringing doggie presents.  

It didn't take long or much skill to do this.  Anyone can be a Santa Shop Creator!  I'll have more elaborate crap coming up.  If I can get my act together....

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