Monday, November 19, 2012

Santa Shop Creations: Pasta Angel Ornaments

This project is a little more time consuming than other projects I have done, but it's all good.  Still a good, cheap craft to pump out for the kids.

Materials Needed

Bow Tie Pasta, Rigatoni, Elbow Macaroni, & Acini Di Pepe - $1 a box, but you don't use much and I'm going to eat the rest with my family so actual cost of pocket for the craft is about .50 cents.

5/8" doll heads (pack of 34) - $3.99, used a 40% off coupon to make it $2.39

Gold Embroidery Floss - .39 cents

White Acrylic Paint - .69 cents

Paint Brush - I had this

Glue Gun & sticks - I had this

Sharpie Marker - I had this

Total cost:  $3.97.  This made 34 ornaments so they cost about .12 cents each to make.  

You pretty much just hot glue all the stuff together to make an angel.  I made one and realized it would be much easier to assembly line these angels.  So at first, I just glued all the heads to the rigatoni.  Then I glued a Bow Tie on the back of each one for the wings.  Then, I glued 2 elbows on the sides for arms.    Lastly, I threw a big dab of glue on the head and dipped the head in the Acini di Pepe for hair.  

Then I had my 34 little angels and I painted them.  This is the time consuming part.  I did 2 or 3 coats just to make them look better.  So every now and then, I would just go and paint them.  Let them dry, turn over and do another coat.  

When they were all done drying, I drew little happy faces on the head with a black sharpie.  Not really fancy, but I thought preschoolers would like it.  Then I tied loops with the embroidery floss and hot glued them up the back.  

This is really easy even for kids to do - although, they might burn themselves with the hot glue.  Then could paint them though. Very cheap, easy craft to pump out if you need to donate to a Santa Shop or whatever.  $4 for 34 is pretty darn good.  

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Kelly said...

LOVE all your Santa's workshop ideas. Keep'em coming.