Monday, November 19, 2012

My $151 Market Basket Experience

I went to Market Basket on Friday.  I live 16 miles from the closest Market Basket and it took me 22 minutes to get there.  This fact is what has prevented me from attempting this before.

Before I headed out, I have to admit that we had nothing in the house.  Some lemonade mix, a few cans of beans, a box or two of elbow macaroni and that was about it.  I decided I had to go out and spend $200-$300 on groceries so I don't have to to deal with doing big shopping trips during the holidays.

I didn't even make it to the cold section of Market Basket and I had an obscenely full cart.  So I decided to just check out and run to Roxie's after I dropped the kid off at school for meat/produce.

I was really impressed with MB.  Their prices were phenomenal.  The place was clean.  I used $28 in coupons on top already low prices.  My house looks like a food pantry now.  I got tons of canned vegetables, soups, soda (my husband loves cans of soda for work and I keep telling him we're too poor for soda), paper towels, toilet paper, cat food, baking supplies for Christmas, etc. etc.

$151 isn't exactly a low bill - but had I bought the same stuff at Stop & Shop, it could have easily been $250+.  The prices were also much better than BJ's.  I filled an entire cart and then some and only spent $151.

Since I needed meat and produce, I hit up Roxies and dropped $64.  I got a ton of meat though.  8 lbs of boneless, skinless chicken breast, a 7 lb. chicken, a 4 lbs. pork roast, deli meat, apples, oranges, etc. etc.

All in all - $215 in groceries but I should be set except for the perishables for weeks.  I just can't deal with people at the super market during the holidays.  Everyone's all obnoxious and in a rush.  Including me at times.  I won't make Market Basket a regular thing - but I definitely will try to hit it up once a month after the holidays to stock up.  Much better/easier/cheaper than BJ's or any other place I have been to.

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