Monday, April 23, 2012

Why I Love Ebates

I used to love Cashbaq.  They went under.  So I decided to love Ebates.  For starters, they took over my Cashbaq bonus so I never lost the $20 something I had in my Cashbaq account.  Since switching over Ebates, I have earned over $70 since.  I'm not even a big online shopper.

What else I discovered about Ebates is that there is sometimes "hidden" bargains lurking.  For instance, I had to order a banner from Staples the other day.  They had a deal going on through the Staples website - Instead of $54.99, the large banners were $29.99.  So I created my banner and then remembered I didn't go through Ebates.  So I went to Ebates, logged in, went to in their friendly drop down menu - and low and behold - there was a deal through Ebates that a large banner is only $19.99.  Holla!  Saved $10 on that one.  PLUS - Not only did I score 2.5% back from Ebates on that purchase, but I also scored Staples Rewards.  It's like a triple dip of savings fun.

So there you have it.  That's why I love Ebates.  And if you haven't heard of them - you should check them out.  Click HERE to sign up today.  Who doesn't love free money?

Oh and psss - most of the time I just shop through the websites and before check out, I click open Ebates to see if there is a cash back (most of the time there is) and click the retailer through them.  It saves your shopping cart.  Just remember to cash out through that new window.

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