Saturday, February 25, 2012

Occupy My Wallet: Day 55

Holla for Michaels!  Had to go out and buy 3 birthday gifts.  2 for girls, 1 for a boy.  Hit up Marshall's and spent $15 on the boy.  Went to Michaels for the girls.  My son picked out two different jewelry kits.  When we got to the register, one of them rang up at 1 penny (it was suppose to be $14.99).  So the cashier overrode the penny to .50 cents because the register won't let her total out "penny items" - I was like "for real?"  And was like "for real!"  So then I was able to use my coupon on the other one and it made for really cheap birthday gifts.

Overall, $22 spent on 3 gifts.  Not bad.  Wanted to keep it at $50 or under.  Now off for lots of kiddy birthday fun.

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