Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Saving Money Challenge: Pop Your Kids' Snack!

One big cost for kids going to school is eating.  No seriously.  My kids each have to bring a snack and drink to school.  Pre-packaged snacks can be upwards of .50 cents, if not more.  Times that by 5 days a week and 35 weeks a year (or however long they are in school...) - well that adds up.  Plus - half the time, the kid doesn't even eat the snack.  

Anyways - so as my cabinets are dwindling - so are the snack options.  So today I turned to my pal, The Popcorn Maker:

I'm pretty sure this bag of popcorn that I found buried in my cabinet was about $2.  I remember having a .75/1 coupon for it.  Regardless - this bag of popcorn can produce a ton of popcorn.  So the kids and I popped some popcorn and voila:


This was obviously very easy to do.  Pull out the popcorn machine, pop some popcorn, throw it in a bag.  Plus - it's pretty darn healthy.  

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