Friday, January 20, 2012

Saving Money Challenge: Download a Radio App When You Crave New Music

Do you listen to music on your iPhone, iPod or whatever else is out there?  Well I have iTunes - that is mostly compromised of my CD stash of the 1990s and some stuff that I bought through Apple.  Well I'm getting a little sick of my music - but I'm too poor to buy music at this time.  I need change though!

So what did I do?  Well I downloaded this great I Heart Radio app for my iPhone.  It's a free app and gives you access to over 750 radio stations from across the country.  No fee.  Nothing.  Just free radio.  

So yeah - you can't really "pick your songs" - but for instance, I was big pimpin' in Quincy, MA yesterday while listening to Z100 out of New York.  Yeah Buddy!  Beggars can't be choosers - but with over 750 stations - I'm sure you can find music that fits your mood when you want it.  

I love this app - and it even works at places with shotty 3G service (i.e. my gym).  

So go ahead - get free music.  Listen to the radio!

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