Saturday, January 21, 2012

Occupy My Wallet: Day 20

Overall, great day!  $14.44 spent and I got a brand new cell phone and pizza!  Whoop Whoop!

Karma or Good Luck?  Upon getting my cell phone back from Apple on Thursday, I realized something funny - the sound wouldn't turn off.  Ahhh!  I could turn it down - but it would still beep for who knows what various reasons.  I had nothing to do last night, so the family trucked it back to the Apple Store to see what can be done.

To make a long story short - I had a really nice, older man working with me and he said I needed a new phone.  He told me he'd give it to me for $50 ($149 minus the $100 I just paid the day before) - so I said "Let me just ask my husband."  So I did, and although the husband wasn't amused, he said "fine."  So I go back and said, "Sure - let's just do it."  So at the genius bar, we were setting up the new phone and the guy said, "You know what - don't worry about the extra $50, you can just have it."  That just made my day - I just can't thank them enough.  And the two workers were just so nice and sympathetic to me - which is odd in a way - because I am the reason my phone broke in the first place.  If I worked at Apple, I'd probably be like "You're a dumbass and broke your phone.  Want a new one?  Buy it!"  That's why I don't work in sales.

So anyhow - I told my husband that I karmatized myself because both times I went in there being really nice & not pushy and it worked out in my favor ($100 in the hole - but still in my favor!).  He just rolled his eyes and said I got lucky.  Whatever.

Afterwards, we picked up pizza and wings at Bertucci's - it was $24.44 - but when you place your first online order, you get $10 off any purchase of $20 or more!  So said pizza & wings were only $14.44. Worked for me!

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