Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Saving Money Challenge: Box Tops for Education

Sometimes, saving money doesn't benefit you.  It can benefit someone else.  This is okay.  It's call charity.  It's okay to do it.  When one wants to do something nice, but is poor (that's me!), you have to think outside the box (PUN!) for it.  And thus:  Box Tops For Education!

Yep, I'm one of "those moms" who saves them.  I get giddy over them.  Cutting them, finding products at the store that have bonus box tops on them.  

So what are Box Tops?  

They come in all sorts of shapes & sizes and found on a plethora of General Mills products as well as others like Avery office supply things.  I get the majority of mine off Progresso Soup, cereal, Trix yogurt cups & Betty Crocker baking products.  

Each Box Top represents 10 cents that if donated to a school, earns them money.  Like in that picture above, I have 33 Box Tops - so that's $3.30 for my son's school.  

Want to earn bonus box tops?  

Shaw's does a promotion with Growing Local Learning.  Just registering, earns you 5 extra Box Tops (.50 cents).  At Shaw's, until 4/10/12, every time you buy 10 General Mills box top items in one transaction, the register prints out a little code for a bonus 10 box tops ($1) that you can enter on their website and it automatically goes to the school in your profile.  They also do other promos throughout the year that you can see advertised in the Shaw's flyers.  They are usually coupled as "catalina" sales.  On the Growing Local Learning website, you can also print out coupons for your favorite Box Tops sporting products.  Since joining Growing Local Learning in July 2010, I have earned 155 Box Tops through their promos - or $15.50 for my registered school.  That is above and beyond the actual clipping of Box Tops.  

You can also check out the actual Box Tops for Education website for more ways to earn.  Sometimes they post videos to watch that will earn you an extra 5 Box Tops.  They also have sweepstakes you can enter on a daily basis to help win anywhere from 1,000 Box Tops to up to 250,000 Box Tops.  

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