Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Occupy My Wallet: Day 10

Well I made it through Day 10 without spending a single penny.  For the record, it is okay for me to spend money - on groceries & gas & food.  Just not on material things.  Just for the month of January.  Then I might go on a bender February 1st, feel guilty and go back to this Amish way of thinking.

So I set myself like 87 New Year's resolutions this year.  The ones I'm really focused include those involving the de-craping my life.  It's a two fold resolution too - it helps in my "get organized" resolution as well as the "you need to save more money resolution".

Going through some attic boxes (as I was putting away Christmas crap), I found a bunch of photo frames.  Some are really nasty and some are actually really nice.  So I'm thinking of actually taking the nice ones, put photos in and put them on the wall.  I mean, that's what people do with picture frames, right?  Not just have them sitting in a box in the attic.  If I find a frame that I know I will never use, I'll toss it.  Heck - maybe I'll just do a Goodwill run this week.   This little project of mine will cost me a couple bucks to print out photos - but that's okay.  I'll make that one slide.

Today's Goal:  Go to BJ's with a small (yes, very small) list and get that and only that.  Bottled Water, Flour, Cheese, Milk, Half & Half & yogurt.  Can I do it?  Heck - that's still like $50 right there...

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Precious said...

Oh I feel your pain on BJ's after yesterday. Have fun with the photos.