Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Free and Discounted Crap @ Ikea Coupons (Valid 1/14 only)

Ikea is having a friends event this Saturday the 14th.  So if you don't like people, you might not want to go to Ikea this Saturday.  If you like people, head on down to Stoughton - but don't forget to check out their Facebook page to print off some special offers before you do so.

Here.  This is how you do it:

1.  See Ikea USA on Facebook.  Like them.

2.  Go to "Bring Your Own Friends" link on left hand side of their Facebook page.  Click it.

3.  It tells you to invite friends and stuff, but you don't have to.  Go down and enter your name and email.  Click Submit and then Next.  I actually didn't click Submit and just next and still got to print out the coupons.

4.  Click to print out your coupons.  They include:

FREE small breakfast (offer valid until 11am)

BOGO FREE Entree (up to $5.99 - valid from 11am-4pm)

FREE Blue Bag (value .59 cents)

So go.  Get your Swede Love on!

If you are too lazy to go to Facebook, see if this PDF file works for you.  It's the Coupons.

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