Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chippendales Calendar: 70% off!

Did you get your 2012 calendar yet?  It's okay if you say "no".  I'm a slacker on this.  I usually wait until January to buy mine (I usually scoop up a Warren Kimble one).  But my son got a calendar in a Yankee Swap so we decided to just use that.  Why spend money (no matter how little) on something that you already have?  You know?

Well if you're looking for that perfect calendar for your kitchen, look no further.  This Chippendales Calendar that is normally $30 is now on sale for only $8.98 on Amazon, but of course.  Plus $3.99 for shipping and handling.  But WAIT!  It gets better!  It comes with a BONUS DVD!  Yahoo!  Now this is a deal.  I think this is worth every penny:

(12x12) Chippendales 16-Month 2012 Calendar with Bonus DVD

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