Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Occupy My Wallet: Day 23

Hit today out of the water: Another new phone and 96 K-cups and only .20 cents spent!  Yahoo!

I set a new record for myself - less than 4 days before I broke a phone.  In my defense, I didn't do anything to that sucker.  It was just possessed.  A quick trip to my favorite Apple Store (Derby Street Shoppes in Hingham, of course) helped in that department.  The geniuses there determined it was possessed and just gave me a new one.  They are so nice at the Apple Store.  The customers - not so much.  As I was standing at "the bar", a man with a cracked iPod screen came up all distraught.  He told his "genius" that his 11 year-old daughter broke it.  I chimed in, "Yeah, I broke my screen last week and I'm 32 - you can't really use her age against her."  He was not amused.  Then some girl with hot pink nails, a hot pink MacBook and a hot pink iPhone chimed in on me and said one of her old iPhones used to freeze all the time.  So I talked to her for a little bit and then said "Wow, you're all fancy with a 4."  She corrected me all serious:  "It's not a 4, it's a 4S."  Yeah.  Okay.  I really have no idea what that means.  If you're expecting to win "cool" points with me, it's not working because I have no idea what you are really even talking about.  I told her that I don't even know what I'm doing half the time with my iPhone 3.  My genius informed me I have a 3G.  Okay.  Again - you all lost me.  Then back to guy with the iPod issue - his tech guy was saying it might be so bad that it might not be fixable.  So the dad said "Well if I have to buy a new one, fine.  My daughter was crying her eyes out."  I really wanted to say "Well, why don't you just have her play with some Barbies - they probably won't shatter."  I didn't though.  I should have.

Now to my K-cups.  A Facebook friend of mine said on her timeline that she scored K-cups for $12.50 at Staples (box of 48).  So I ran up to my Staples - and they had the same boxes for $12.50 (.26 a k-cup).  I had $24.80 in Staples Rewards and I guess there isn't tax on k-cups - because after the cashier rang up the two boxes, my total due was 20 cents.  I handed him 2 dimes and felt empowered.  This was at the North Weymouth Staples on 3A.  They also had lots of boxes of 16 count French Vanilla and some various teas for $3.50 a box (.21 cents a k-cup).  So if you are near a Staples and need some cheap k-cups - check them out.  Use the price scanner though - the 48 count-boxes were marked $22.50 but rang up at $12.50.  No idea why or what the deal was.

So all and all - a good cheap day here in the Occupy My Wallet front.  No material possessions (except the phone - but that replaced my other phone so it evens out).

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