Sunday, September 18, 2011

One More CVS Trip Last Week - $51 becomes $13

No picture.  I did 2 quick CVS Trips last week to do the P&G Deal.  I couldn't get the Bounty paper towels so I doubled up on the Charmin.  I could have done the raincheck/ECB credit thing, but I didn't want to make it complicated for myself.  We'll use the extra butt paper.

Total Before Savings:  $50.97
Coupons & ECBs Used:  $19.79
Cash OOP:  $13.03
ECBs Earned:  $10.00

2 Charmin toilet papers - $9.99 each
4 Puffs Plus - $1.50 each

Spent $25.98, Earned $10 ECBs

2 Pretzel M&Ms - $3 each (2 $1/1 MFCs from paper) $2 each

-  I got my second $50 CVS gift card from my Discover Cashback Reward program. I still have enough rewards to score myself 2 more of these free gift cards. 

- When I scanned my CVS card at the Coupon Center, out popped a $5 ECB - because I hit another $50 threshold of spending $50 on Beauty products. They count this amount pre-coupon and pre-ECB so I didn't actually spend $100 in the past 2 months on beauty items.

So in 8 weeks, I've gotten $447.74 worth of stuff for $41.22 cash out of pocket (and if you count the free gift card amount, that is $104.25).  That's either a savings of 90.79% or 76.71% depending on how you look at it by counting my "free $50 CVS gift cards from Discover". 

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