Monday, September 19, 2011

CVS: $22.13 becomes $1.33

Total Before Savings:  $22.13
Total Coupons & ECBs Used:  $13.50
Cash OOP:  $1.33 (used free gift card from Discover)
ECBs Earned:  $6.24

2 Sensodyne Toothpastes - $4.89 each (used a $2.50/2 MFC from paper)  Earned $2 ECBs for each.

1 Crest Pro-Health - $3.99 ($1/1 MFC from paper) Earned $1.25 ECB.

1 Candy Corn - .99 cents.  Earned .99 ECB

Quick little roll of the ECBs this week.  Getting a pretty good little stockpile going.  I should take a picture but I'm not all organized and whatnot like the women of Extreme Couponing.  It's all just piled into a shelving unit in my attic. 

So in 9 weeks, I've gotten $469.87 worth of stuff for $41.22 cash out of pocket (and if you count the free gift card amount, that is $105.58).  That's either a savings of 91.22% or 77.53% depending on how you look at it by counting my "free $50 CVS gift cards from Discover".  I still have a balance of $35.64 on my second free $50 CVS gift card.

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