Friday, July 23, 2010

Thanks Shaw's! Plus, Healthy Deals & Stuff This Week

I haven't been to Shaw's in 2 months.  Seriously. All of my grocery business has been going to Stop & Shop & Roxie's lately.  BUT....I think Shaw's lured me back this week.  I got 2 $5/$50 coupons in the mail as well as a $1 off fresh produce and $1 off seafood coupon.

Shaw's is having a pretty decent catalina for the first time in like forever.  It's on the back page of this week's circular.  Spend $20 (pre-sale prices) on select GM products, get $5 off your next purchase and 50 Bonus Box Tops (this equals $5 for your school of choice!).  Now since I'm Weight Watchering it up, I'm not going to bring into my house the likes of Toaster Strudel or Chex Mix.  But there's a plethora of healthy selections in this catalina. Remember:  Pre-Sale Prices.

Healthy/Kid Stuff in the Cat (and yes, Lucky Charms ARE healthy in my book!)

Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, & Lucky Charms - $2 ($1/2 MFC from paper, .55/1 Cheerios & $1/2 Qs on,, etc.)

Green Giant Canned Vegetables - $1

Nature Valley Bars - $2.50 ($1/2 MFCs from paper, .50/1 & .75/2 both DOUBLE at, )

FIBER ONE BARS (I love these suckers) - $2 ($1/2 MFC from paper)

Yoplait Delights - $2 (usually $1/2s from the paper and .50/1 DOUBLES online at,,)

Trix Yogurt & GoGurt (these nasty GoGurts are great frozen for the kids!) - $2 (.75/2 DOUBLES at

Big Yoplait - $2.50

Unhealthy Crap You Might Want Anyways 

BC Supreme Brownie Mix - $2.50 (.75/2 at DOUBLES)

Chex Mix - $2.50 (.55/1 MFC at

BC Fruit Snacks - $2 ($1/2 MFC at

If you want to buy multiples of these products, also check out to get the same coupons that are on the Betty Crocker site.  You have to sign up - but when you do, they'll give the school of your choice 5 Box Tops ( .50 cents!  Woot!).  You can also refer friends and all that other jazz.  There are other things with this sale - you might want to check out other bloggers for the full list (or just look at your circular).  BeCentsible has a lot of bloggers - all sectioned off by state.  Check them out!

Other healthy stuff at Shaw's this week:

Corn - 8 for $1.99

Green Grapes - .99/lbs

Fresh Express Salad Blends - BOGO Free

Prego Pasta Sauce - BOGO Free

Crystal Light/Poland Spring Deal - Buy 3 Crystal Lights @ $2 ea, get a case of Poland Spring for free.  I am a Crystal Light junkie.  I love me some Red Dye #40.  Must use in-ad coupon.

Thomas English Muffin Better Start - BOGO Free

I don't know if it's just me, but this week's Shaw's add is kind of pathetic.  Maybe they are just tryingStop to save money on advertising.  Stop & Shop's is more than twice the size, and honestly, like the past few weeks - looks like they have better deals on stuff that I personally buy.  Poor Shaw's.  I'll do a Shaw's run this week though - mostly due to the fact that I dig Fiber One bars and box tops.


sarah marie said...

Sadly, the $5 isn't an OYNO; it's something about saving $5 instantly on produce. Still good, but the ad was really misleading - I did the deal last night thinking I'd get an OYNO cat, but only got the boxtop cat. The checkers didn't even know it was to save on produce; they tried to tell me $5 had come off my order automatically (it hadn't) - and I realized it was to save on produce by reading up on Hot Coupon World. IMHO the ad isn't worded very clearly at all!

Bargain Becky said...

Thanks for sharing Sarah! I haven't gone yet...$5 off produce isn't that bad - gets us to eat healthier, right?! ;) Yes, the ad is misleading. I didn't see that at all!!