Friday, July 23, 2010

Target Black Friday Sale!

Today, Target is having a "Black Friday in July" day online.  CLICK HERE to see all the crap that they mark down.  I actually went to Target yesterday (in Hanover, MA for the stalker folks).  Dang - the clearance was a booming!  I didn't look at ladies or men's clothes since I had the little rugrats with me.  Baby and Toddler clothes had a lot of great deals.  My oldest is slowly moving on up to the "bigger boys" clothes - I didn't see too much in that area - but then again, might just be my tastes.

Speaking of tastes, I've been letting my 4 year-old have some say in what clothes I buy for him.  We were at The Children's Place last week and I told him he could pick out any shirt he wanted.  He picked a muscle shirt.  Urgh.  I did the same thing at Target yesterday - like a magnet - the poor boy was drawn to striped muscle shirts.  I tried to tell him that boys don't wear tank tops (I know, I can be a snob sometimes.  I don't care.)  But the kid is obsessed with the fact that they don't have sleeves.  Since they were only a whopping .75 cents each, I delighted his heart and told him he could have two.  He thinks I'm the most awesome mother ever.

There were also a ton (seriously, a ton) of toys on clearance.  Sadly - the summer stuff really wasn't on clearance at all.  Give it a few more weeks I suppose!

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