Monday, July 19, 2010

Great Weight Watchers Meal with Deals from Stop & Shop This Week!

Hello from the world's most slack-tastic blogger!  Let's update the world on me.  For starters, I haven't been to Shaw's in MONTHS!  Seriously.  I have done what I swore I'd never do - I have crossed over to Stop & Shop.  Why?  I don't know.  As for my Weight Watcher ways.  Well around May, I hit the 20 pounds loss mark (my goal is 25 pounds).  I even hit 23 there for a while - but I've been a real WW slacker the past month or two (the only consistent thing in my life is being a slacker).  Well I went back yesterday after not going for 3 weeks - and happily - I was only up 1/2 a pound and still only 4 pounds away from my goal.  So now is the time I have to really get cracking on this.

I went to Stop & Shop yesterday and today, created a great 5.5 point meal that is worthy of me coming out of my blog funk.  All stuff is on sale at Stop & Shop this week.

Taco Chicken Wrap (5.5 points)
1 Cedar's Whole Wheat Wrap (1 point) - BOGO Free @ $3.49 this week
4 oz. Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast (3.5 points) - $1.79/lb
1 tsp. Taco Seasoning (0 points) - I highly recommend buying a big old tub of this at BJ's.  It's $5.99, but they send out $1.50 off coupons all the time.  The packets are a real rip off.
1 tsp. Olive Oil (1 point) - $4.99 for S&S's 17 oz bottle this week (if you're running low)
1/2 cup frozen pepper strips (0 points) - Stop & Shop brand is only $1.50 for a 1 pound bag of frozen pepper strips!  I ALWAYS have these in the house.
Some lettuce (0 points) - 3 Romaine Hearts are $2.50 this week
4 cut up Grape tomatoes (0 points) - $2.50 per pint this week

Heat oil in small skillet.  Rub your chicken with the taco seasoning.  Cook chicken and add peppers.  Saute until done.  Prep your wrap by putting it on a plate and add lettuce and tomato.  Schlop the chicken/pepper mixture on it.  Roll it up and eat!  It's huge and healthy!

Another alternative to this is to decrease chicken to 2 oz. (2 points) and add 1/4 cup of cooked Minute Brown Rice (1 point).  This is on sale at Stop & Shop this week for $2 a box.  There was a coupon in the paper a while back for .75/1 Minute Brown Rice.  This will double making a box of brown instant rice only .50 cents!  Using rice and half the chicken makes the wrap only 5 points instead of 5.5.  If you want to spend a little more, you can add a little low fat sour cream (I just got my free container of Hood sour cream from that Facebook coupon!).  Using rice & sour cream would make this more of a dinner burrito vs. a sandwich wrap.  I'm a huge fan of Moe's (and Chipolte, and every other burrito joint around) - so this is a great alternative to those places!

Here are some other things I scored at Stop & Shop with coupons this week:

1 Act Mouthwash - $3.99 ($2/1 MFC)  $1.99

Stacy's Pita Chips - $2.50 (.75/1 MFC DOUBLES) $1.00

Perri Sausage - $2.50 (.55/1 MFC DOUBLES) $1.40

Welch's refridgerated Juice - $2.50 (.75/1 DOUBLES) $1.00

Tropicana OJ - $3 ($1/2 MFC) $2 ea.

Turkey Hill Dynamic Duos Ice Cream - $1.99 ea ($1/2 MFC) $1.49 ea

Yoplait Yogurts - 14 at .60 cents ea.  Used 2 "Buy 6, Get One Free"

Activia - $2 ($1/1 MFC in this week's paper) $1

Starkist Tuna Pouches - $1 ea ($1/2 MFC from paper) .50 ea (My stupid butt bought tuna in oil!  Yuck!  I'll pawn it off on the husband!)

Sargento Stringsters - $3.99 ea ($3/2 MFC) $2.50 ea - Not great, but my kids dig cheese sticks.

Hebrew National Hot Dogs - BOGO ($1/2 MFC) I forgot how much these are.  $4.49?  $5.49?  Who knows.

I really buy a lot of fruit and vegetables now.  I usually only cook with frozen vegetables but stock up on salad and sandwich vegetables.  If you knew how much I spent weekly on fruit now, you'd tell me I have no business having a "bargain" blog.  To which I would respond, "I don't care."

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