Monday, June 14, 2010

Random Bargain Crap

Here's some random bargain crap to quench your thirst for deals!

1.  Pampers Gifts-To-Grow - GREAT Reward!  I had over 3,000 points banked at Pampers.  Quite honestly, I think most of the rewards are pretty stupid.  I'm honest.  But they recently threw up a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card for 2,700 points.  Score!  I'll probably stash that away for a Christmas present.  I wish I could transfer points - because now I have about 400 left and have nothing to use them on.  I guess I'll enter some contests or something stupid like that.  Oh - and if you want a free 5 points - enter GTGSUMMERFUN5PT

2.  LOWE'S!  I made out like a bandit this past week at Lowe's!  They have a bunch of light fixtures on clearance.  I scored a new bronze one for my bathroom for $7.48 (orig. $29.99) and a new outdoor fixture for....wait for it....$2.40!  Originally $19.99.  How awesome was that?  I was able to go without kids or husband a few days ago so I just walked around and there are tons of things on clearance in the isles.  Things like mirrors, roman shades, light fixtures, laminate flooring.  Way to go Lowe's!

3.  I went to Yankee Candle with THIS COUPON ($10/$25 - MANY Thanks to Babies & Bargains).  I've been obsessed with the Garden Gnome candle holders.  I know.  I'm psycho.  BUT, I'm not psycho enough to pay full price for them!  I was able to score the Gnome Tart Burner for $7 & a tealight holder for $3 because they are all part of the Semi-Annual Clearance sale.  I also scored 2 Christmas gifts - which brought my total to exactly $25.  With coupon, I spent like $15.90 (sales tax in MA...).  Great deals to be had at their Semi-Annual Clearance Sale!

Okay...just to show you how AWESOME these Garden Gnome candle holders are pictures (My husband is tickled to death that we have garden gnomes on our mantle...)

My $7 tart burner (and that collage picture is a freebie from Walgreens a while ago!)

My husband's favorite....

4.  I also picked up a bunch of cheap soap at Bath & Body Works' Yellow Sale.  I think there is a coupon floating around there for $10/$40 - but I didn't spend that much.  Just a few bottles for $2.25.  This sale is still going on so if you're malling it up - you might want to pop your head in. 

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Tams* said...

i 100% agree with the pampers pts vs. gifts! LAME! I love the gnomes tho!!