Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Power of the Raincheck!

Just wanted to throw a little tidbit out there for everyone - remember - if Shaw's (or most other stores) is out of a certain sale item, walk yourself over to the service desk for a raincheck!  I'll be honest - most of the time I am too lazy to actually get rainchecks - but now that we're eating a heck of a lot better and we try not to shop the junk anymore, when "good" stuff goes on sale, I like to stock up.

How has my mentality changed?  Well just a couple months ago, I'd just eat any old spaghetti.  I didn't care.  Now - it has to have 4 grams of fiber in it per serving or more.  Call me a food snob, but I'm not going to buy just regular pasta anymore - it's all Ronzoni Smart Taste or whole wheat crap.  So with the Ronzoni Smart Taste on sale this week, if they are out, I'll raincheck it up.  2 oz of fiber enriched pasta is only 3 points on WW where as regular pasta is 4.  I'm not going to waste a point on "regular" pasta!!  I love how Weight Watchers tricks you into eating healthier...

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SwapSavers said...

I get rain checks all the time--love it! Another thing you can try is to ask the sales person or manger if they have any more of the items in the back--often they do and then you don't have to wait to buy the product.