Saturday, April 24, 2010

Free Eggs & Butter by logging into Stop & Shop

Erica told me about a good deal - log into your Stop & Shop account online and get coupons for free eggs and butter.  Check out Erica's blog, "Just Call Me Cheap" HERE.

I wasted about 10 minutes of my life with Stop & Shop today.  I went to log in to get my coupons.  I couldn't.  Said the name didn't match the account (but I had no problems registering my school with this card back in September with their A+ program).  So I called the number.  Was on hold for 5 minutes and talked to some numb nuts who sounded like he just smoked a blunt and told me that my account is registered to someone else with a different address.  He told me to call a different number and so I got a pen - he gave me the number I just called to get him.  So he goes, "Oh yeah, you have to press a different selection."  So I said "Well I pressed Technical issues with your account, is there something more specific for Screwed up Accounts?"  So he told me to press "2" and not "3".  So I recall the number and press "2" only to have some fu-fu message tell me they are only there Monday - Friday.  Why would that stupid guy tell not tell me that? 

Anyways - another good reason to go back to Shaw's.  Mama needs some cheap broccoli slaw anyways!

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Tams* said...

We had a issue with our card they were sending out the new cards. We never got the new card so i called to see what was up and they asked me what my address was, so i told them. They told me that wasn't correct and they rambled off my husbands address he lived at till his parents sold their house in 2003! He never even had his own stop and shop card when he lived at home! So whoever the new ppl in his old house are had my 5% off coupon and anything else S&S sent me! Also we couldn't do the $10 PG Visa Gift Card deal cause of it, but i fought and CS just gave me $10 in cash! haha. Guess it worked out to my advantage! We only shop @ SS now... we don't have much choice since our shaws just closed and BIG is the only other option and im allll set with them! Okay sorry guess i needed to vent haha