Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Surprisingly Great Shaw's Run!

Started with $20 in CATs

Total Before Savings:  $114.50
Total Preferred Savings:  $29.35
Total Coupons Used:  $48.84
Total Recycling Return:  $3.85
Cash OOP:  $32.46
CATS Earned:  $13.00

Great Savings
10 Weight Watcher SmartOnes - $1.99 ea ($4/10 Peelie from a package - had a $3/10 MFC from the paper with me, but obviously the $4 is better) $1.59 ea (this earned me a $10 CAT)

1 Weight Watcher Flatbread - $3.49 (FREE MFC WYB 5 Smart Ones from paper) FREE

1 Weight Watcher Breakfast - $3.49 (FREE MFC WYB 3 Smart Ones from paper) FREE

2 Lunchables - .99 ea (2 .75/1 MFCs printed from a while ago DOUBLED) Money Maker of .51 cents each!

Weight Watchers Cream Cheese - $2.69 (.75/1 MFC from Weight Watchers Weekly DOUBLED) $1.19 

2 Ziploc Containers (time to refresh the stash) - $2.49 ea ($1.50/2 MFC from paper) $1.74 ea

Jolly Time Popcorn - $1.79 (.75/1 MFC from a Weight Watchers thingy DOUBLED) .29 cents for a big bag of kernels!

5 lbs Gold Medal Flour - $2.79 (.75/1 MFC printed from a while ago DOUBLED) $1.29

4 Pepsi 12 packs - $3 ea (Buy 3, Get a Sierra Mist Free from ad - Coupon took off $3.76) $2.04 per 12 pack!

Other Stuff
1 lbs Carrots - .89

2 lbs Onions - .99

1.83 lbs Cabbage - .46

2 lbs Confectioner's Sugar - $1.89

2 Pepperridge Farms Deli Flats - $2.49 ea ($1/2 MFC) $1.99 ea

Shaw's White Bread - $1

Kernel Seasonings - $3.29 (.55/1 MFC from All You DOUBLES) $2.19

2 Kashi Frozen Meals - $3.49 ea (2 .75/1 MFCs I snagged off a peelie pad a few weeks ago DOUBLED) $1.99 ea

2 dozen eggs - $1.99 ea

1 Garelick 1/2 & 1/2 - $2.65 (too lazy to go to BJ's)

1 Fat Free Garelick 1/2 & 1/2 - $2.65

Things From This Trip:

-  I scored myself a $10 CAT (frozen food one) and a $3 CAT from Heinz.  I have no idea how I earned that.  Are WW meals Heinz??  I can't figure out what I bought that was Heinz.  I kind of suck sometimes like that.

-  I'm really not a big WW frozen meal fan - but I'm just at a point this week where I really don't feel like cooking all that much.  So I figured I'd stock up on some meals.  All the regular priced WW meals had the little "C.H.I.L.L. $10 CAT" tag on them - but the sales ones did not.  Didn't matter - they apparently count towards the CAT!  GREAT deal if you like WW meals and whatnot.  

-  Sometimes you just have to purge your plastic leftover ware.  I LOVE the Ziploc twisty ones that I bought today.  They are much better than the snap on lid ones.  If you have that $1.50/2 MFC, take advantage of it!  

-  If you printed out that Lunchables coupon from a while back, it makes these .99 cent little suckers a money maker of .51 ea.  They are pretty weak though - but how can I complain when a store pays me to take merchandise? 

-  The price of eggs has gone up a lot!  They were just $1.79 at Shaw's last week.  Yeah yeah yeah - that's only a .20 cent increase per dozen - but that's more than a 10% hike!  I hope the chickens don't go on strike - I've been downing 3 eggs a day (well, 1 whole one and 2 whites). Bak Bak!

-  This is honestly a miracle - my husband and kids went grocery shopping with me and I still managed to save over 71%.  This has never happened and will never happen again in my life (being able to get through the store without deviating from my list while the entire family is with me...)

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