Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cheese & Tomatoes at Shaw's! Woop!

Went to Shaw's to hit up two of the CATs fairly easily.  This sale is good until this coming Thursday.

Started with $14 in CATs

Total Before Savings:  $55.67
Preferred Savings:  $24.90
Coupons Used:  $22.00
Cash OOP:  $8.77
CATs Earned:  $20.00

8 Kraft Shredded Cheeses - PSP $3.79, Sale $1.99 (4 $1/2 MFCs in machine by cheese, 4 Stop & Shop Doublers) 
Total:  $7.94 for all 8 and it generates a $10 CAT.

ConAgra CAT
15 Hunts Diced Tomatoes - PSP $1.69, Sale .99
Total:  $14.85 for 15 and it generates a $10 CAT.

Things from this trip:

-  These are two very easy scenarios to maximize this CAT without doing much work.  We go through canned tomatoes like no other (especially on Weight Watchers).  I got all but 1 2% Reduced Fat cheese. 

-  You can freeze shredded cheese.  It tastes a little funky if you eat it straight afterwards, but cooks just fine (who, besides my kids, actually "eats" shredded cheese?)

-  Crazy bargain ladies all over are reporting their Shaw's all have the $1/2 MFCs in front of the Kraft Cheese display.  Too good to pass up!


Anonymous said...

which shaws did you go to? i went to the one in braintee and they didn't have the cheese coupons. . .bummer since i usually go to weymouth! still a pretty good price on cheese i suppose. . .


Anonymous said...

Great work Becky!
I will need to live vicariously thru your adventures since the shelves are almost empty at my Shaw's on Black Rock Turnpike and it is about to close.
Not looking forward to Stop and Shop!

Bargain Becky said...

Jen - I went to Weymouth. I almost never have any issues in Weymouth. I dislike Braintree. The only time a cashier actually manually "un-doubled" my coupons was in Braintree.

So sad about the Black Rock Turnpike store! Can't believe Shaw's is leaving CT. Have you ever tried that Fresh Market in Westport? They are opening one up here shortly...

Bargain Becky said...

I want to say Price Chopper or Shop Rite is going into that old Shaw's...

Anonymous said...

LOVE Fresh Market, but it is like buying groceries at Mitchell's!
The 1st time I was there, I picked up 6 items (no meat) and spent $67 - I ran into a friend's mom who recommended a stilson cheese with ginger and ginger biscuits and I picked up a piece that set me back $17.70. After that, I was a little wary of going back, but the produce is beautiful, the butcher will custom cut anything (and makes some very tasty turducken), the fish and sushi are great, the prepared stuff is fantastic (my kiddos love the salmon) and the sales bring many of the items into the range of reality. I kinda feel that I save a fortune stockpiling basics when they are on sale and scoring drugstore sales, so even an occasional splurge is fine for our house... They stock Stonewall Kitchens and other hard to find products and the florist always has cool plants and flowers that are fairly reasonable for our area. It is much cheaper than bringing in takeout...
Oh, NEVER let your kids or hubby see the candy selection - I have to bribe the hubby with malted milk balls every time we go!

Bargain Becky said...

Thanks for Fresh Market comment! It will be fun to have that option!

I went to the Fairfield Shaw's this past was like a part of my heart was broken. So picked over, so little stocked! ;) Wanted to check out the 80% off Rugged Bear sale while doing some errands, but the kids had enough by then.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Shaw's remind you of s supermarket in a third world country! So sad... I hate the thought of becoming a Stop and Shop girl and it is going to take 6-9 months for Shop Rite to rebuild the store....
The Rugged Bear is picked over so I don't think that you missed anything... TCP on Black Rock is giving things away - send your mom!
Have a good weekend and thanks for writing such a great blog!