Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Roxie's Run!

Total Before Savings: 
Total Coupons:  $1.89
Cash OOP:  $14.73

6 Oranges - $2.79
4 pack Purdue Turkey Burgers - $1.49
6 Plum Tomatoes - $1.66
3 lbs Mac Apples - 1.49 (.50/1 Roxie's Coupon) .99
8 oz Mushrooms - $1.39
Balsamic Vinegar - $1.49
Country Fair Bread - $1.39 (Free Coupon with $10 purchase) FREE!
2.8 lbs Skinless, Boneless Chicken Breast - $4.82

If you live in or around Quincy, you need to go to Roxie's. If this little shop ever goes out of business, I will seriously cry harder than ever before.  I would actually have to go to therapy because of it.  I hope insurance covers that.

Join Roxie's TLC Club by clicking HERE.  They email you a "Free" and a "Savings" coupon every week (I think Thursdays). 

If you want to check out what specials Roxie's has advertised, go to their homepage:  http://www.roxiesofquincy.com/

1 comment:

Kris said...

I LOVE Roxie's. Like, totally in love with the place. I got so much stuff on Saturday for $26. Blows my mind!