Monday, February 15, 2010

Quick BJ's Run Today

Cash OOP:  $19.36
$ Toward $40/$100 Rebate:  $5.99

4 Land O'Lakes Half & Halves - $1.79 ea
1 gallon 1% milk - $2.22
1 2 pack of Breyer's Ice Cream - $5.99
1 2 pack of BJ's Apple Juice - $3.99

Things From This Trip:

-  I was going to do more with the Rebate, but I forgot my coupons in the car!  I can be disorganized at times.

-  A good tip if you want to stick to the basics and not go overboard in a discount club, is use your stroller!  I have a Graco "whatever".  Just the middle of the line Graco - It has a basket on the bottom.  I could barely get all the junk I got in there.  If you want to get in the habit of going to BJ's, Costco, Sam's Club, etc with just picking up a few things, use your stroller!  There ain't no room in that thing for a 10 lbs. box of mozzarella sticks!

-  We spend WAY too much money on Half & Half.  But you know what?  We like it.  Coffee with milk is gross.  Life's too short.  Figure out what you really like in life and actually buy it for yourself.  If you love ice cream, buy it every week.  If you like fancy teas or coffee - buy it.  Just make sure you don't buy everything that you actually love all the time.  Pick the one thing that you and your family truly enjoys.  For my husband and I, it's Half & Half.  Boring, huh?

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