Monday, October 5, 2009

Special CVS Alert - Children's Motrin & Tylenol Bonus Packs!

I did my CVS purchase last night!  I wanted to spread the word about a GREAT find in my purchases!

1.  First, go to this Wicked Cool Deals post to get a $5/$25 coupon (3 ways to do it!).

2.  Do the Johnson & Johnson Deal.  I did 2 Children's Motrin and 2 Tylenol Cold.  It was $24 (min. needed is only $20).  I had my $3/2 Children's Product MFC from the paper last week.  Then the $3/2 Tylenol Cold product MFC from the same paper. 

3.  BONUS!!!  I looked at the endcap by the pharmacy (same isle as the cold medicine) - and there were special BONUS packs of the Children's Motrin & Children's Tylenol!  They are 4 oz bottles (the ones on sale for $6) but they are shrinked wrapped with 2 oz bottles!  Same price, but 50% more product!  Check your endcap if you are buying Children's Motrin or Children's Tylenol!  I did price check them - they are ringing up at $6 and I did get my $10 ECBs!  They were on the bottom shelf of the endcap so you might have to look closely. 

4.  Another semi-good deal at CVS is Kleenex.  They are BOGO @ $2.39 ea.  There was just a $1/2 Kleenex in the same paper as the $3/2 Tylenols.  2 boxes of Kleenex for $1.39.  Couple this with the J&J deal (if your J&J total is just under $25) and it puts your total over $25 (so you can use the $5/$25 from the flu survey).  Then you have $7 in MFCs - brings your total down to around $16 and you get $10 ECBs. 

Here was My CVS Trip:

2 Bonus Packs of Children's Motrin - $6 ea
2 Tylenol Cold (adult version) - $6 ea
2 Kleenex - BOGO @ $2.39 ea ($1/2 MFC)
1 Blade Shaving Cream - $2.99 (husband needed it, I've been slacking at my CVSing/stocking up)

Total Before Savings:  $38.42
Total Coupons Used:  $12.00
Total Cash OOP:  $18.47
ECBs Earned:  $10.00

If I didn't buy the needed shaving cream, it would have been $15.48 with $10 in ECBs!  Not too shabby at all - and if you have ECBs to roll, it's a much better deal!

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