Monday, October 5, 2009

How to Drop $28 at BJ's on 3 Things!

Ran to BJ's for 3 things.  3 measly things and I spent $28.  Oh well.  Most were necessities - my juice addicts would have a fit if I gave them milk all day again (Heaven forbid they should actually drink water...). 

1 BJ's box of Baby Wipes - $15.99 (should last for the rest of the year)
1 2 pack of BJ's Apple Juice - $3.89
1 40 pack of CapriSun Flavor Waters - $7.49 (needed for school)

Total:  $28.37

Check out my yearly spending HERE (and see how "dangerously" close I am to sticking to my goal!).  There's a link to my spreadsheet which has been a blessing to have to record my grocery and drug store spending this year.  Many thanks to Mommy Snacks for sharing with the rest of the world!

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