Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Friendly's Deals for October!

Thanks to my friend Sarah, I found out about 2 great deals going on at Friendly's for the month of October! 

1.  Kid's meals are $1.99 every Wednesday, all day Wednesday!  No coupon necessary for this offer!

2.  Donate a $1 to the Friendly's EasterSeals Camp Friendly's (Cones for Kids) and you receive a coupon booklet good for 5 kiddie cones, plus a $5 off $25 purchase!  I believe they want you to buy this to pass out to kids trick-o-treating, but you know, whatever. 

3.  If you sign up for Friendly's at their website, you should have gotten this email.  If you frequent a place often - sign up at their website and they'll bombard your inbox with good offers. 


Kara said...

Ooh, you know that my kids and I practically live at Friendly's! I need to hit it up tomorrow!

Amy said...

We are planning on hitting Friendly's tonight, and $1.99 kids' meals is a great surprise. Thanks for the info!