Thursday, September 3, 2009

CVS Summer Clearance is 75% Off!

Ran to CVS to get some last minute birthday invitiations for my son's upcoming family birthday party...was happy to see Summer Clearance is now at 75% off! I'm not sure if this is a known fact as I haven't been in my CVS groove. I got the kids two pair of Transformer Sunglasses (they were marked down to $1.49 - I actually only bought them to see if they generated the $10 ECBs that the flyer advertised - of course they didn't, but my sons will love them just the same). My favorite ghetto fake crocs are also on 75% off. I got 2 packs of boats - the kids need new bath toys and for .75 a pack, I splurged. Sometimes my kids don't understand how great they have it!

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vfolsom said...

I picked up a couple of things last night myself - I love the clearance sales!!