Friday, September 4, 2009

Shaw's Deals 9/4-9/10

Here are the pretty good deals at Shaw's for the week of 9/4 - 9/10. Not all deals are mentioned. Just the ones that I think are pretty good. See the entire circular and print Shaw's coupons at

Get Shaw's Coupons HERE.

3 Day Sale (Friday - Monday)
Boneless Chicken Breast - $1.79/lbs
Pork Tenderloin - $2.99/lbs
Whole Watermelon - $3.99
12 Pack Pepsi - 5/$11 (Must buy 5)
Lay's Potato Chips - $1.77

Use Coupons on the Back Page to get the Following Deals:
(These are MFCs!! You cannot combine them with coupons from the paper or internet!)

Kraft Shredded Cheese - 2/$3
Oreo Cookies - 2/$3
Cracker Barrel - 2/$4
Kraft Singles - 2/$3
CapriSun - 2/$3
Kraft Mayo - 2/$4
Kraft Dressing - 2/$4
2 Ritz Crackers - 2/$4
Oscar Mayer Weiners - 2/$2
A1 Sauce - 2/$5 (I know there is a $2/1 MFC from the paper for this)
Planters Nuts - 2/$4
DiGiorno or California Pizza - 2/$10
Lunchables - 2/$3 ($1/1 MFC from last week's paper)
Oscar Mayer Bologna - 2/$4

Green Grapes - .88/lbs

Steak Tips - $3.88/lbs
Lobsters - $4.99/lbs
Johnsonville Sausages - BOGO Free

Yoplait Yogurt - .40 ea (MFCs from paper, .50/6 at
Activia and Danimals Yogurt - $2.50 ($1/1 MFCs for both from paper)

Kellogg's Cereal (selected varieties) - 2/$3
Quaker Chewy Bars or Bites - $1.67 ($1/2 MFC from paper)
Freihofer's Italian or Country Bread - BOGO Free
Fiber One English Muffins - BOGO Free
Mac & Cheese Crackers - $1
Santa Fe Salsa - $1

Friendly's Ice Cream - BOGO Free
M&M Cookie Treats - $3 ($1/1 MFC from paper)
Mama Rosie's Pasta - 40% off (this stuff is good! I've tried it and recommend it!)

African Violet Plants - BOGO Free
Cutter Insect Repellent - BOGO Free (MFCs from paper)

Check out The Grocery Gathering to find other great blogs to supermarkets all over the country!


vfolsom said...

Unfortunately the coupons in the flyer are manufacturers so you can't use them with other ones. I know - bummer!!

JAJM said...

Ggggrrr. . .I didn't know that the back page coupons were "manufacturer" coupons and went to Shaw's armed with 2 coupons for most items, thinking I could combine and that I was getting the deal of the century! I was SO DISAPPOINTED when the cashier rejected half of my coupons. The lady behind me was VERY annoyed, too. BUT I did get 10 boxes of Kellogg's cereal for $7.50 AND sent off my receipt to Kellogg's for a $10 Fuel For School Rebate. I wonder if they'll give me all ten dollars. I wish!

Bargain Becky said...

Oh man! I didn't even noticed them being MFCs! I guess I just assumed they were store coupons! Sorry anyone for my unintentional promotion of coupon fraud!

Thanks Vfolsom! I'll delete that blurb from my post.

Ashley said...

I went to shaw's and used the back page coupons as well as the ones from the paper...and they worked fine! I didn't know they were MFCs! But I got away with it luckily!